Our yogurts are all made on our farm from the milk and cream of our own cows and are available in 150ml and 560ml pots.


Look out for these in our 150ml and pint pots at your local stockist now.


Woodlands Farm Ltd

01242 890215



Where to buy

You can get our yogurts from lots of shops, delis and farm shops, but below are the ones where you can meet us.



Chedworth Farm Shop

open every day 9-5






Which is your favourite flavour?




Our toffee yogurt is one of our best sellers and surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) we sell most of it to our male customers. Why this is, we have never really understood. It is quite sweet, but it doesn't have that chemically aftertaste that many other toffee yogurts seem to have. A favourite with the kids too and amazing on bananas.









Strawberry yogurt is one of the most popular flavours of yogurt and is still one of our best sellers.








Black Cherry

Black cherry is full of sweet and juicy black cherries, giving it a distinct deep pink colour.









Hundreds of blackcurrants are squished in the making of our blackcurrant yogurt. Their deep rich flavour gives a slightly sharp bite to this deep red yogurt.








Fruits of the Forest

Strawberries, blackberries, blackcurrants and raspberries. Perfect for those who just can't decide on flavour.









A tart yet moorish yogurt, this is one of our best sellers.









Our plain natural yogurt is the base for all our other flavours. Made with nothing but live natural yogurt.


Serving suggestion: If you find this a little sharp add a little brown sugar or honey.









Our raspberry yogurt is slightly less sweet than the strawberry, but equally as delicious.


We love this one mixed into a smoothie with some apple juice and a banana.









Our rhubarb yogurt is, along with gooseberry, our best selling flavoured yogurt.








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